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The Importance of Medical Terminology

Apr 12

Medical is the discipline of study and practice focused on human health, disease, and treatment. Medical terminology is the language used within this discipline to describe anatomical structures, procedures and conditions. It includes terms related to physiology, pathology and pharmacology.

Murfreesboro TN Beauty uses many of the same rules and structural elements that all languages use, including prefixes, root words, combining vowels and suffixes. It is important to understand the origins of these word parts in order to fully grasp their meaning. It may seem daunting to memorize medical vocabulary, but once a foundation is laid, it becomes easier to retain and remember.

The basic sciences of medicine are anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and pathology. These fields overlap and interact, and every physician is educated in all of them to some degree. However, physicians usually focus on one or more of these fields to better function in the clinical setting.

Once a patient is admitted to a hospital, they will be under the care of a team of specialists based on their primary presenting problem. This team will collaborate with other specialties to diagnose and treat any complication or secondary condition that arises.

During the history taking process, patients are asked about their past medical history, known as personal and family history (PWH). This is then followed by a description of the patient’s current symptoms, called the chief complaint or presenting complaint.

The medical exam is the next step in the diagnostic process. It consists of a physical examination, laboratory tests, imaging studies and sometimes specialty consultations. The final diagnosis is determined by a combination of all of this data.

An X-ray is an imaging test that can help doctors and nurses detect fractured bones, foreign objects in the body or bone density issues. It can also be used to evaluate swollen joints or soft tissues. It is important to inform the doctor if a patient is pregnant before receiving an X-ray as the radiation can potentially harm a fetus.

It is important for people in the healthcare field to be proficient in medical terminology to ensure the proper care of their patients. A strong understanding of medical terminology can lead to career advancement and increased hireability, especially in non-clinical roles. Thankfully, many colleges offer medical terminology courses in a convenient online format. You can also find courses through local trade schools, adult education programs and training manuals and books. Investing time and energy in learning this valuable skill will pay off in the long run.