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Photo taken 2 weeks after anti-wrinkle treatment for frown and forehead area

Jul 20

Photo taken 2 weeks after anti-wrinkle treatment for frown and forehead area.⁠

Dosing is based on careful facial assessment and varies between individuals - there is no one size fits all.⁠

If you're concerned about lines, wrinkles or folds, a consultation with one of our experienced nurse or doctor injectors is a great place to start!⁠


What do anti-wrike treatments for frown and forehead areas look like?

Here we have the before and after. 


Botulinum toxin

Anti-wrinkle injections are a dilute substance called botulinum toxin that is designed to smooth away wrinkles and lines of the face and neck and is generally well tolerated at low cosmetic doses. They allow the untreated areas to move as normal. You will still be able to laugh, smile and frown, just with less wrinkling of skin in the treated areas. Anti-wrinkle injections work well on wrinkles that ‘come-and-go’ with muscle movement. They do not work on wrinkles that are pre-existing; it can only be used to soften these areas. Nurse Nuala Naughton has 25 years experience.

The botulinum toxin which is used may also treat some medical conditions such as bruxism (teeth grinding) and excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis).


Anti-wrinkle injections are useful for:

• Frown lines (11’s),
• Smile lines (around the eyes)
• Forehead lines
• Scrunching ‘Bunny lines’ of the nose
• Chin Crinkling
• Downward pull of the mouth
• Neck wrinkles
• Teeth grinding (bruxism)
• Excessive sweating of the hands, feet, under arms and face

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