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What Are the Most Common Types & Causes Of Obstetrical Injuries?

Jul 14

Birth injuries may have a devastating impact on the lives of the mother, the child, and the whole family. Some traumas result in birth defects that affect the newborn's life for the rest of it. While certain injuries may happen even when the obstetrician provided the finest medical care, many are preventable injuries brought on by a negligent medical professional. Birth injuries are wounds picked up during pregnancy, labor, or delivery. What are the most frequent and preventable obstetrical injuries and what are their causes?


Types Of Obstetrical Injuries

Some of the most frequent reasons for obstetrical injuries include the following:

  • Long-term motor skill deficits that result in a physical handicap in the child and restrict their ability to move different body parts are the hallmarks of cerebral palsy.
  • Cognitive impairment may potentially be a side effect of cerebral palsy.
  • Erb's Palsy is a disorder that results in nerve damage to the nerves that control the muscles of the hand, arm, and shoulder. Paralysis of the arm, shoulder, or hand is a common complication of this condition.
  • If the umbilical cord wraps around the child's neck due to problems, the child might suffocate or perhaps pass out.
  • Birth-related brain injury may influence a child's ability to operate physically, mentally, grow, and behave appropriately.
  • The hand and arm muscles may become paralyzed if the brachial plexus is injured. A substantial birth weight is often an important factor.

Pregnancy-Related Injuries & Their Causes

Different injuries are caused by various situations. For instance, cerebral palsy may arise if a child is oxygen-deprived at delivery. If the baby was not born quickly enough or the umbilical cord was wrapped around the child's neck, this might occur. About 20% of cases of cerebral palsy are brought on by birth management errors. Brain damage may result from oxygen deprivation or use of vacuum extractors.

When a baby's head is born but his or her shoulders are too large, it might lead to Erb's palsy, which damages the nerves and injures the next. Knowing the baby's size before labor might help you prevent a natural delivery that can harm both the child and the mother.

With the right obstetric care, a lot of birth injuries may be prevented.


Schedule A Consultation With A Personal Injury Lawyer

Obstetrical injuries may have catastrophic effects for years, if not the remainder of the child's life, on both the mother and the newborn. The facts of your case might be examined by personal injury attorneys to evaluate if you have a valid medical malpractice claim. You could be qualified to ask for money to cover the expense of future care, treatment, and rehabilitation.

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