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PEMF Therapy

Jun 1

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PEMF Therapy

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, also known as PEMF therapy, is an alternative pain relief approach that can help you achieve your wellness goals. PEMF is a functional medicine which heals connective tissue and soft-tissue injuries in the body by generating bio-electromagnetic energy. It manipulates the electromagnetic fields within cells signaling molecules to repair damaged tissues. This means that PEMF therapy can help reverse connective tissue and soft-tissue injuries without the addictive potential of chronic opioid use.


The use of pulsed electromagnetic fields is a non-invasive, safe, and painless treatment method, but it is important to follow some safety and use rules.


  1. Always consult your doctor before and after treatment;
  2. Always read the user manual before using the device;
  3. Cleanse the area to be treated, if using the accessory directly on the skin;
  4. Do not wear metal objects;
  5. Avoid concomitant use with ointments containing free ions of magnetizable metals;
  6. Use the non-woven fabric (TNT) accessory if you have wounds on your skin or if the device is used by more than one user;
  7. Wear clothing (T-shirt or trousers) made of natural fibers such as cotton;
  8. Check the efficiency and safety of the device every 24 months in case of home use;
  9. Avoid using the equipment in moist environments and/or in the presence of flammable agents;
  10. Use the device at a distance of at least 3 meters from TV sets, monitors, mobile phones, WIFI routers or any other electronic equipment.


Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, a functional medicine is just another tool in the battle against chronic pain. As with all tools, it has its limitations and its benefits. In other words, it isn't a cure-all—but it's certainly not a gimmick, and if you take the time to research it and use it properly, it can help reduce your pain and inflammation.


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